Cathy Johnston MA, LMFT, CST
Relationship and Sex Therapist in Minneapolis


Create the life and relationships you want

Couples Therapy
  • affairs and infidelity

  • communication

  • conflict management/resolution

  • divorce recovery

  • emotional intimacy

  • family conflict

  • marital evaluations

  • polyamory

  • separation

  • sexual intimacy

Individual Therapy
  • anger management

  • anxiety & panic

  • ADHD

  • codependency

  • dating

  • depression 

  • relationships

  • stress management

  • substance abuse & addiction

  • trauma 

Sex Therapy

  • erectile dysfunction

  • low or no desire

  • menopausal changes

  • orgasm difficulty

  • out of control sexual behavior

  • painful sex

  • pornography problems

  • premature ejaculation

  • sex addiction (out of control sexual behavior)

  • sexual desire discrepancy

Comments from satisfied clients

Therapy is such a uniquely personal process that finding someone effective you trust and feel comfortable with is fundamental. I'm often asked why there aren't more online recommendations from clients to help people find someone good. There are a couple of reasons. Clients generally don't want to advertise that they've been in therapy, as there's still a culture of shame and judgment around getting help. It's one thing to share with friends or family that you've been happily engaged in therapy; quite another to put it out there for anyone to see. Knowing that, therapists are reticent to ask for reviews. Still, I want you to know what a few satisfied clients have shared with me:

"Thank you so much for your amazing work - we both left our session today feeling like we partially broke through a massive barrier. I know we still have work to do, but we actually found a bit of peace tonight thanks to your strong skills as a therapist."

"I've had some bad experiences with therapists over the years. They labelled me and I felt weird. I don't think they understood my problems or how to help me. You've been different. You aren't afraid to think outside the box. I feel calmer than ever."

"I walk out of here with tools to do things differently. Earlier this year I thought my relationship was over. Now it's better than it has been in 18 years."

"We interviewed a number of therapists and you were the one we connected with. You're warm and you challenge both of us."

Couples Therapy is a chance to re-work the parts of your relationship that create unnecessary stress. When you just can't settle your differences in a way that feels fair, it erodes the good things you have together. It's easy to see what your partner could be doing to create trust and a sense of being loved, and hurtful to try to make sense of why that isn't happening. What makes it hardest is when your partner is feeling the same thing. It's as if each of you are saying, "We need to fix things here or this isn't going to work. Your turn to make a move." When these feelings get acted out (through unresolved conflict and anger, affairs, online porn, drinking or drug abuse, and lack of sex) the damage accumulates and everyone starts feeling disillusioned about whether the relationship can last. I can help you work through the hurt you're feeling and re-build trust and intimacy. 




Individual Therapy gives you a focused place to sort through your feelings and needs and decide how to take care of them.  A good part of my practice is working with individuals to manage problems with anger, anxiety, codependency, depression and addictions. From my training as a couples and family therapist, my perspective on individual problems is that they're partially the result of broken relationships with yourself or others. They're often unproductive attempts to deal with uncomfortable or overwhelming feelings and needs you haven't learned to manage in helpful ways. You can re-learn compassion and self-focus to soothe yourself and feel more empowered as you tackle painful issues. 




Sex Therapy is talk therapy that focuses on building, igniting and sharing the power of physical touch and sex in a way that fits your values. Do you want sex to be a source of joy and bonding in your relationships? It's amazing how much trouble we have with sex, given the proliferation of sexual messages and images in our culture. Misinformation, lack of information, shaming messages and myths about sex don't help when you're feeling let down or frustrated with your sex life.  If you've lost the passion you once had, are bored with the status quo, act out sexually, or struggle with sexual desire or performance, let's talk. A good part of sex therapy involves giving you assignments to work on in the privacy of your home. 

I'm comfortable with and trained to work with all gender identities, sexual orientations and types of relationships.  

 I offer talk therapy as well as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a mind-body therapy for treating the effects of traumatic events and negative self concepts.

Office hours  


     Monday 2pm - 8pm

     Tuesday 11am - 8pm              

     Wednesday 10am - 7pm

     Thursday 10am - 7pm               


Update: I'm meeting with clients at my virtual office or on the phone for the foreseeable future.  In-office sessions will resume based on CDC guidelines for Covid19 mitigation. Thanks for your understanding and patience with this change. 

Cathy Johnston MA, LMFT, CST


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