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Links to Articles about Healthy Sex and Relationships

August 25, 2019

Here are links to informative articles about relationships and sexuality. I'll add to them as I find new ones. 


When you cheat on your partner:​



What to do if you think your child may be LGBTQ:


Esther Perel on how and why you keep having the same fight with your partner/ and what to do differently:


The Kinsey Sexuality Scale in 2019


Free mindfulness apps:


How - and why -  to keep your sex life alive in a long term relationship:



Erectile Dysfunction or performance anxiety? The Truth Behind a Modern Malaise:


Erectile Dysfunction more common in younger men:



Gottman research shows the key to a happy marriage is kindness:



Questions to ask each other about what turns you on/off:



What research about fantasy tells us:


The National Coalition for Sexual Health shares five steps to good sexual health:



Sexual health myths:



More about vaginas:



Relationship insight:



Ideas for people considering polyamory:



How to talk with kids about porn:



You can learn to be a great lover:



How to talk about what you like in bed



Facts about how circumcision affects your sex life

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