Cathy Johnston MA, LMFT, CST
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Welcome to the new normal of lots of changes in everyday life. Whatever felt challenging a few weeks ago now seems more complicated. Between the health, financial, work/career and family care complications that come with this pandemic, we're all feeling more stressed. Even something as simple as getting groceries or going out to eat requires thoughtful decisions and considerations. 

I hope these links will help you feel less stressed and more grounded as you ride this out: 

Taking Care of Our Mental Health During Uncertain TImes

 7 Science-Based Strategies to Cope With Coronavirus

 And remember: "This, too, shall pass". Just not as quickly as we'd like. Take time to recognize what you're grateful for and lean on...

This is the time of year when we tend to reflect on what's been going well in life and what's been tripping us up. I love being a therapist and helping people find more of what helps them feel self-compassionate, alive and focused on what's meaningful to them. Sometimes clients wonder if the negative experiences they've had - such as poverty, substance abuse, loss, and sexual, physical or emotional pain or abuse - have left them permanently damaged and unable to move forward "like other people". There can be a sense that the hand they've been dealt means certain things - having a healthy love relationship or family, a rewarding sex life, or a meaningful career - just aren't going to happen for them. Luckily, that's not necessari...

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Cathy Johnston MA, LMFT, CST


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